Where can I get a Bowboard™ locally?

Currently the only place to get a Bowboard™ is on our website or at, although we are working with retailers across the country to make them more available.

Is it hard to learn to ride a Bowboard™?

It can be as challenging as a skateboard for some. Some people get right on it and have no trouble at all getting the timing of the bounce just right.  Few people just hop on and ride with no problem. Most have trouble getting the rhythm needed for an easy ride, but it's not tough if you practice. The most important thing is to work on timing your bounce to the speed you are moving. If you try to jump out of time it gets pretty frustrating and you wear yourself out. With practice it gets pretty easy.

I weigh more that 150lbs. Can I still ride a Bowboard™?

Right now we only have the Bowboard™ approved for up to 150 lbs. While people up to around 200 lbs have ridden it, we can't recommend it. It's not designed for that and it could fail resulting in serious injury. The bow is also a little too flexible that weight so it doesn't work as well. Check back in the future to see if we have a Bowboard™ that can support larger riders.

Is this good exercise?

Yes! We believe that the Bowboard™ is a great way to build core muscle strength. It is very similar to a trampoline which some doctors say is the best form of exercise. Here are a few pages about the health benefits of "rebounding":

Although we have not funded a study on the exact benefits of our product relative to others studied with respect to "rebounding" exercises, we believe the benefits of the Bowboard™ could provide similar benefits.

Does the Bowboard™ take batteries? / What is the Bowboard™ power source?

The Bowboard™ does not need batteries. But, since it's human powered it does use fuel from people. A typical fuel source for the people would be a banana or a ham sandwich.

How much does a rider need to weigh to ride a Bowboard™?

Right around 70 lbs is a good starting rider weight. Please be aware that all riders must be at lease 8 years of age and riders must wear a helmet.  We also recommend wrist, elbow and knee pads.